DIY Lavender-Lemon Essential Oil Dry Shampoo



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Whether you need help to look on the bright side or “keep calm” so you can carry on, Lemon and Lavender are two of the most versatile and popular essential oils that can help you feel good all over!

Diffusing Lemon and Lavender together is a great way to banish winter blahs, especially in areas that don’t get much sunlight this time of year! Used together, you get the soothing of Lavender with the happy scent of Lemon. It’s a great combination!

Combining Lemon and Lavender together with distilled water can make a great toner for your skin, due to the astringent properties of these two oils! Lemon and Lavender can also help to balance the natural oils in both your skin and hair (that’s why either oil is the perfect choice for your own dry shampoo!), while helping to brighten for a luminous, healthy glow!

Love your locks with this Lemon and Lavender Dry Shampoo:

• 1 tbs. non-GMO cornstarch or arrowroot
• 1 drop each of Lemon and Lavender Essential Oil
• If you’re a brunette, add cocoa to desired color
• If you’re a blonde, use dried mustard to desired color
• If you’re a red head, add paprika for desired color


Directions: Add all ingredients into a small mason jar and mix well with a spoon and apply with a makeup brush. Brush your hair to distribute evenly. You may want a towel over your shoulders to keep any excess off your clothing.

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